Going Solar in Willows

Put the Sun to Work for You

Willows is a great place to live and work. There’s the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, auto racing, events, restaurants, and more. There’s also the wonderful weather. It’s sunny most of the time, so a solar energy system makes sense.

Why Solar?

No matter if you’re a home or business owner, installing a solar energy system will help your bottom line. Given Willows’ abundant sunshine, installing a solar system lets you take advantage of a free and nearly limitless energy source. The immense amount of solar energy that hits the earth every day can power your home or business.

What Can Solar Do for You?

Besides save you money, increase the value of your home or business, a lot. It can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce air pollution, cut down on the overall carbon footprint, and help mitigate climate change. As far as your savings go, that will depend on your base monthly electricity costs. A Royal Solar consultant can do this for you during their initial consultation. As far as property values go, realtors have said that homes with solar systems receive higher appraisals when preparing to sell.

What’s Involved in Installing a Solar System

At Royal Solar, we work to make the consultation and installation process as simple as possible. During your initial consultation, your consultant will take measurements, determine roof space, calculate sun angles, determine your home’s orientation to the sun, look at any shading issues, calculate the cost of your system, and determine your possible savings. If you do decide to install a solar energy system, Royal Solar will schedule an installation date that’s convenient for you, and our highly trained installers will work until your system is completed and up and running.

What About Nighttime?

Nighttime may be the right time for some things, but generating solar power isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there’s a simple and cost-effective solution – a battery storage system. It stores the energy generated during the day and it helps reduce your utility usage at night. It can also serve as an emergency backup power source in the event of a nighttime power outage.

Solar Energy is Reliable

Solar energy systems are highly reliable. They’re designed to withstand the weather, and since they don’t have any moving parts, there’s nothing to wear out or require maintenance. Aside from hosing it off occasionally to keep it clean, there shouldn’t be any need for a service call.

Solar is the Future

The move to renewable energy sources is inevitable and the wave of the future. With the effects of climate change already being felt, the move away from burning fossil fuels is accelerating. Installing a solar energy system can help you assist in keeping our planet clean.

What Do I Do Next?

To go solar or not to go solar, that is the question. With apologies to William Shakespeare, it’s a valid question. Dealing with constantly rising utility costs or taking charge of your energy costs and saving money as well. There are some significant upfront costs, but they can be mitigated by financing plans and various possible tax incentives. The payback period is relatively brief, and using net metering, you can sell power back to your utility and the credits you earn are put toward your monthly bill. If need be, you can also expand your solar system (depending on roof space availability), so you can increase the amount of power you generate relatively easily.






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Sherry Butler

Royal Solar was outstanding for my solar panel, mini-split ductless ac/heat system and electrical box upgrade. They kept everything moving forward seamlessly, professionally and in a very timely manner. I highly recommend them.

Garry Lee

Bill was everything that you should expect from a first class company. The tech was able to answer all of my questions and more regarding my mini-split/heatpump (Fujitsu). And because I am more than just a customer, he was able to get me a slight discount.

Royal Solar has now installed the following items in my home over the past 10 years: Solar, Mini-split, Furnace, Whole House water filter system, under the sink water filters, R19 added attic insulation,& whole house Ultraviolet air filter system. All were done with precision, neatness, and the best quality products available. Next spring will add the whole house attic fan with Royal Solar.

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