Going Solar in Chico

Put the Sun to Work for You

Chico is a great place to live and work. There are parks, events, restaurants, and more. There’s also the wonderful weather. It’s sunny most of the time, so a solar energy system makes sense.

Why Solar?

Chico is the hub of a rapidly growing California solar industry. More and more people are installing solar energy systems. Why? Because it makes use of the world’s most abundant energy source – the sun. The sun emits massive amounts of energy every second, and a solar energy system makes use of this virtually endless source of energy. It’s also free for the taking.

What Can Solar Do for You?

Besides helping your plants grow, warming the planet, and just feeling good, the sun can help you save money. That’s right! It can help save you money. A solar energy system can help cut your electric bills. How much, that depends on your base cost, but it will definitely cut your energy costs. By installing a solar energy system, you’ll not only save money, you’ll also be helping the environment. By helping to cut carbon emissions, reducing your carbon footprint, and reducing the use of fossil fuels, you’re helping the environment.

What’s Involved in Installing a Solar System

When you call Royal Solar, we’ll arrange a consultation with one of our expert consultants who will come to your home, take measurements, calculate sun angles, take a look at any shading issues, the orientation of your home, and calculate the cost of your system. Once you decide to install a solar energy system, we’ll schedule an installation and install your system and test it to make sure it’s working perfectly. We’ll help you set up net metering with your utility company and do any needed maintenance or repairs.

What About Nighttime?

Yes, solar panels don’t create energy at night, but that can be solved by a battery storage system. This system stores the energy generated by your solar system and helps reduce your dependence on your utility company at night. It’s also a backup system if there’s a nighttime power outage. Royal Solar will help you decide on the battery storage system that’s right for you.

Solar Energy is Reliable

Solar systems have no moving parts and are low maintenance. Aside from hosing it off occasionally, there should be no regular maintenance needed. Most solar systems have about a 40-year lifespan and can be expanded if needed. If any repairs are needed, Royal Solar will perform them.

Solar is the Future

Solar and renewable energy is the future. With climate change affecting everyone, reducing fossil fuel use, reducing carbon emissions and moving to non-polluting energy sources is the key to securing the future. By installing a solar energy system, you’re helping secure your and your children’s future, along with the rest of the world.

What Do I Do Next?

If you want to take control of constantly rising utility costs and save your money, then installing a solar energy system is the right move. Aside from the cost savings, a solar energy system can also add value to your home. More and more real estate salespeople are saying that having a solar energy system definitely adds value to home appraisals when considering selling your home. Aside from the initial investment, which can be helped by financing plans and local, state, and federal tax incentives, a solar system adds value to your home and your life, not to mention the money you’ll be saving.






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Sherry Butler

Royal Solar was outstanding for my solar panel, mini-split ductless ac/heat system and electrical box upgrade. They kept everything moving forward seamlessly, professionally and in a very timely manner. I highly recommend them.

Garry Lee

Bill was everything that you should expect from a first class company. The tech was able to answer all of my questions and more regarding my mini-split/heatpump (Fujitsu). And because I am more than just a customer, he was able to get me a slight discount.

Royal Solar has now installed the following items in my home over the past 10 years: Solar, Mini-split, Furnace, Whole House water filter system, under the sink water filters, R19 added attic insulation,& whole house Ultraviolet air filter system. All were done with precision, neatness, and the best quality products available. Next spring will add the whole house attic fan with Royal Solar.

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