Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Need Help?

Not sure about getting a solar energy system?

Have questions about how much it costs, how much you’ll save on energy, how long will it take to pay for itself?

Relax. Our knowledgeable staff at Royal Solar will answer all of your questions and help you decide on the right system for your business. We will visit your business, take measurements, consider the sun angle, trees and other structures, and give you all the details for your commercial solar system.

Call us to make an appointment for a no obligation consultation.

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Services We Provide

We provide complete solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance. We work with you to decide on the right system for your business with payment plans, and tax credits are available to help offset the cost of a solar energy system. We also offer commercial storage systems that can keep business going with the lights on when the power goes out.

We Are Energy Experts

Our experienced staff can quickly determine your exact solar energy system needs.
Our highly trained technicians will install your system in a timely manner.
If you need any service, we will do any repairs or maintenance your system requires.

Easy Installation

Our skilled technicians will install your system and will work continuously until the job is completed and working perfectly.

Need a Consultation

If you want to consult us about a solar energy system, click the button below and let us know.
Our skilled staff will be happy to speak with you about your home solar energy system. They’ll determine your needs, and help you design a system that fits your budget and your energy needs.

Skilled consultants will help you design the perfect solar energy system.

Our technicians will install and connect your system to your home’s electrical system.

We will help you with a payment plan and any applicable tax credits.

Got an Incredible Project Now?

If you want to have a solar energy system installed, please click the button and we’ll schedule an appointment.