Why go solar? There are a lot of reasons to get a solar energy system, benefiting the environment, saving money on utilities and so on. While the initial investment can be substantial, the system can pay for itself in a few years. There’s the increase in value of your home, reducing your carbon footprint, and other benefits.

Reduce Your Electric Bills

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner, business owner, or a non-profit organization, your electricity costs are a large part of your monthly expenses. And we all know that the prices aren’t going anywhere but up. In California, a price increase is as assured as the sun coming up in the morning. A solar energy system will go a long way toward reducing or (possibly) eliminating your monthly electric bill. A solar energy system usually has a 25+ year lifespan, so you’ll be generating power and saving money the whole time.

A Good Return on Investment (ROI)

Another one of the reasons for going solar is a good return on your investment. The cost savings of a solar system will not only pay for the system in a few years (the payback time will vary with your system costs and your energy savings), but after that it’s all profit. Your ROI can be 20 percent or possibly more over time. Again, this will vary depending on your savings.

Increase Your Property Value

There are multiple studies that show that homes with solar energy systems have higher values and sell faster than homes that don’t have a solar energy system. Real estate appraisers are increasingly considering solar systems when doing property valuations. As home buyers become more educated about solar energy, the demand for homes with solar energy systems will continue to increase.

Protect Against Price Increases

A major advantage of solar energy systems is the ability to hedge against rising energy costs. As utility costs continue to rise, with no signs of slowing down, a solar energy system can help you fix your energy costs. Solar energy costs are predictable and allow you to more reliably forecast your monthly energy costs. Aside from fewer surprises, it allows you to more accurately predict your energy costs and manage your energy expenses.

Create Jobs and Help Your Community

The growth in solar energy increases the number of jobs several times faster than the overall economy. The growth in solar energy will only continue this trend. These jobs are higher paying and can’t be outsourced, so they continue to contribute to the economy.

Boost US Energy Independence

Another answer to the question “Why go solar?”, is that it boosts U.S. energy independence. The sun is a nearly infinite (the energy the sun emits in one hour is more than the entire Earth uses in a year). For the scientifically minded or interested, the hourly output of the sun is 430 quintillion joules (430 followed by 18 zeros), and the annual planetary usage is 410 quintillion joules (410 followed by 18 zeros). And it’s free to use. Imagine how much less oil and gas the U.S. would use if the country continued to add more and more solar energy capacity.

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

Along with the savings on energy costs, there are tax advantages as well. Federal and state tax incentives (talk to your tax professional for the details for your area) allow home and business owners to take advantage of these incentives and save significantly on their personal and/or company taxes. For homeowners there’s the Federal Income Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation. Businesses can choose to have this benefit applied over the life of the system or have it applied retroactively to earlier tax periods. Again, speak to your tax or accounting professional to get all the details on the current available personal and business tax incentives.

Low Maintenance

While a solar array does need some maintenance and cleaning to operate at peak efficiency, there’s almost no day-to-day maintenance needed. This makes it ideal for your home or business. Royal Solar can help you keep your system at peak performance.

Financing Options

There are several possible financing options available for a solar energy system. Whether for your home or business, we have some options that may include little or no up-front costs. It doesn’t matter if you want to purchase the system outright, have a long-term lease, or just purchase the power from the array, there should be a solution available. Talk to Royal Solar about what alternatives are available.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Since solar energy is clean, renewable and abundant, it helps reduce your carbon footprint. Solar energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide. It’s sustainable, free (aside from the cost of the system), and great for the environment.