It’s a FACT that solar energy is a great way to conserve energy AND save money. It’s better for the environment, and under certain programs you’ll get financial credits for having a solar system installed in your home.
Unfortunately, with the new NEM 3.0 policy, as of April 13, 2023,you’ll lose a significant portion of those credits if you install solar after that date. Now is the time to install solar in your home before the deadline and keep your NEM 2.0 benefits.


• No new solar taxes
• Your energy sale back to the utility will be grandfathered
in at NEM 2.0 rates for 20 years
• You’ll reduce your electrical energy consumption from your
utility company’s grid, which saves you money
• You’ll get money back for the excess energy produced by
your solar panels
• Installing a Solar Array will increase your home’s value
• You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly
• Your energy budget will become less vulnerable to fluctuations and escalation in utility rates
• There will be no retroactive changes on existing solar users

There’s no doubt that solar energy is the global solution of the future. It saves money, helps the planet, and gives you financial rewards. Act now before it’s too late to save at NEM 2.0 rates for the next 20 years.
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